The operation and maintenance of the BHCC are funded by three contribution sources.


  1. Contribution through your monthly condominium fees pays for: 

  • capital expense, lights, heat, security, cleaning, maintenance and repairs
  • the salaries of the Office Staff and the Cleaning Contractor  


   2. Common fee contribution of $1 per month to the improvement fund:
  • is used solely for major initiatives
  • is approved by support from 75% or more Phase Presidents (or their designates) who represent your Condominium Corporation at an Annual Presidents' Council meeting each fall.  
  • is held by BHRSO and accessed by BHCC when needed.  
   3. Donations come from:
  • Concerts
  • Social Events 
  • Private Events fees
  • Activity donations
  • Resident donations 
  • The donation fund is managed by the BHCC Board.

A full accounting of the Donation fund is provided at the annual BHCC AGM.