Activity Booking

Activity Booking Rules


Fire Alarm: At the start of each activity, point out the nearest emergency exit. Remind participants that in case of fire alarm, they must exit the building and not re-enter until the Fire Department has given permission.

Your Group

  • will be responsible for any unusual damage to the Community Centre and all costs associated with damage. 

  • must return the room to "Ready State" for the next user.

  • Ready State includes the following:

    • dishes thoroughly washed and put away 

    • countertops wiped down 

    • stove & fridge cleaned out & wiped down 

    • floor washed 

    • garbage & recycling disposed of into appropriate bins outside

    • lights turned off. 

  • must follow the Policies as they relate to the Community Centre (see supporting Documentation).

  • all costs for the activity must be covered by the fees charges for participation.

There will be a fee associated with the following rentals

  • Rental of the Large BBQ $30

  • Rental of the Small BBQ $15

Supporting Documentation

Please download and read the following:

BHCC Event & Activity Policy Summary

By completing the Activity Booking form you agree to Activity Booking Rules.