a. Briar Hill residents may book for private occasions as defined in this document

          and providing they adhere to the requirements and procedures laid out in this

          and all other relative policy documents of the Centre.


      b. Bookings are to be “hosted” by current Briar Hill resident(s).

c. Bookings are to be for private/personal use only as per the list of allowable

          private use bookings. (see Section 11.p.)

d. Bookings are to be made by current Briar Hill residents only. A Briar Hill resident

         may make a booking in honour or in memory of a resident. See Private Use

​​​         Booking Types Allowed (Section 11.p.).

e. An estimate of fees will be issued at time of booking. PAYMENT OF TOTAL

          ROOM COST IS DUE AT TIME OF BOOKING. After the event a reconciliation

          invoice will be issued. Additional costs or refund will be due upon receipt of


f. A cancellation fee of $100 will be retained/charged for cancellations within 30

         days of the booking. All other advance payments will be refunded.

g.  The facility is to be returned to a “Ready State” (see Diagram on Wall for

          “Ready State”) after its use by the booking resident(s).

h. The booking resident is responsible for all damages, extra cleaning costs and

          labour to return the centre to a “Ready State”. (see Diagram on Wall for “Ready


      i. A mandatory Monitor cost will be added to the event booking fees (minimum 4

         hours @ $15.00 per hour, or $60.00). The Monitor will ensure that guests do not

         access the lower level without prior arrangement and supervision and otherwise

         do not misuse BHCC property. The Monitor will ensure the Ready-State diagram

         and Checklist conditions have been pointed out to the Event/Activity organizer.

  j. Food and beverages may be provided on a cost recovery basis.

k. NO SELLING of alcoholic beverages is permitted.
l. The Board may approve a unique request on a “one-time basis” without setting

         a precedent of use for future requests.

m. The Board has the right to refuse any booking and/or require additional


      n. Event bookings must use the space booked. For example, if only the Great

          Room is booked, then use of the East Room is not permitted.

o. Personal Liability Insurance: Briar Hill Community Centre has a Commercial

         General Liability insurance policy that covers bodily injury and property damage

         for all residents. The policy does not exclude the possibility that a private event

         organizer could be named directly responsible in any lawsuit for bodily injury

         and/or property damage of a non-resident guest that occurs during the event. To

         avoid the risk of being named in a lawsuit, it is recommended that the event

         organizer obtain Special Event insurance coverage.

p. Private Booking Types Allowed

         The following types of private bookings allowed have been developed as a

         result of discussions with BHRSO with understanding that the majority of

         attendees will be Briar Hill residents.

           i. Resident wedding.

          ii. Resident wedding anniversaries in five-year increments starting at the 5th

             year anniversary.

         iii. Resident birthday party in five-year increments starting with the 50th Birthday.

         iv. Resident memorial/celebration of life may be arranged by spouses and/or

             other residents of Briar Hill. Room charges will be waived but mandatory

             monitoring fees will apply.

         v. A current Briar Hill resident may host a memorial in honour of a former Briar

            Hill resident who has moved from their Briar Hill residence (for example, into

            an assisted living facility). Room charges will be waived but mandatory

            monitoring fees will apply.

        vi. The Board may approve a Private Booking for a resident “Special Life

            Occasion”. Special Life Occasion would most often be a once in a life time