Briar Hill Community at large supports many charities by their donations and

       volunteer services in the broader community. Fairness and balance in the use of

       the Centre is managed by the Board in consideration of the residents at large and

       in adherence to the terms of its lease agreement.

       a.  All Activities and/or Events that wish to book the Centre and provide support

             to a charity must have the prior approval of the Board.

b.  Only charities that are in support of the local community will be considered.

             For example: Alliston Food Bank, Alliston Women’s Shelter. Broader based

             charities would not be considered. For example: African Relief, National

             Health Campaigns, etc.

c.  All Activities and Events must be sponsored and coordinated by a resident.

d.  The sponsoring resident is responsible for the Activity and/or Event.

e.  Activities and Events are to be for the Briar Hill Community, Green Briar and

              their guests and not for the broader community at large.

f.  Activities and Events are to be held in accordance with the policies and rules

             of the Centre.

g.  All Activities and/or Events for charity are requested to contribute to the

             expenses of the Centre.

h.  All advertising must clearly state that the proceeds after expenses (including

              a contribution to the BHCC) will be donated to the selected charity.

i.  A full Financial Statement of the Activity or event is to be filed with the Board

             to ensure full transparency.

j.  The Board will consider limiting the number of charity Activities and Events as

             well as the frequency of any one charity being supported.