a. Main Floor Bulletin Board:

            i. The BHCC communication vehicles are to be used for the business of the

               Centre and important community communications only.

            ii. The BHCC Bulletin Board is to be used for advertising of Activities and

                Events in the BHCC. Information of activities and events completed may

                also be posted.

           iii. All postings are to be placed in the appropriate section.

           iv. The Office Staff will manage the bulletin board. For example, depending on

                space and time items may be removed, resized and or held for later posting.

b. Lower Level Bulletin Board is for the use of residents for buying and selling

           and local information. Office Staff will supervise the bulletin board and remove

           inappropriate items and take items down after one month.

c. Easels:

           i. Easels are reserved for Event advertising.

          ii. Next upcoming Event will hold priority and Board approved notices.

         iii. Depending on the number of upcoming events some posters may be sized

             down to accommodate additional posters.

         iv. Easels, if not being used for event advertising may also be used by residents

             during their events.

d. Website, Newsletter and eNEWS:

           i. All Activities and Events may submit advertising for posting in all media.
              Articles on successful activities and events can also be submitted for     

              inclusion. Submission Dates are available from the BHCC Office.

          ii. Green Briar Community: When space is available posting will be accepted

              from Green Briar.

          iii. Postings may have to be resized, limited in time, etc.

e. Non-Community Centre Advertising:
           Non-commercial advertising of materials of interest to residents may be placed

           in the Lobby for a limited period only.