The Briar Hill Community Centre (BHCC) has two Barbeques (BBQs) that are chained, locked and hooked up to gas lines. Both are located on the Patio and may be rented by residents. residents should do a trial walk-through and read all conditions in Rental Agreement, to know where everything is located and be prepared for the event.

The two BBQs may be rented by residents at the following rates:

   The smaller unit     
$15.00 per event

   The larger unit         $30.00 per event

The BBQ Rental Agreement that residents sign has the following conditions:

   a. The Renter/User understands and agrees that they use the BBQ(s) at their own

        risk and are responsible for any damage caused to the BBQ(s).

   b. BBQ(s) must be operated in a safe manner and be left clean for the next resident.

       If a BBQ is left dirty, the resident who rented it may be asked come and clean it or

       to cover any cost for cleaning and may be refused the right to rent the BBQ(s) in

       future. The resident must bring own tools for cooking and for cleaning.

   c. If a BBQ is broken or needs attention, report the concern immediately to the

       BHCC office. If office is not open, as soon as possible, send an email or leave a

       voicemail for the Office Staff so they can respond appropriately before the next


   d. The larger BBQ only may be moved around the building to outside the kitchen

       area to the Upper Patio. There is a hook-up for the larger BBQ, outside door on  

       the right-hand side of the kitchen door (as you stand outside facing the kitchen

       door). The double doors to the Great Room can be opened, if an event requiring

       the Large BBQ is booked in the Great Room.

         i. After moving the BBQ around the building to the Upper Patio by the kitchen

            and connecting it to the gas connection, resident must use the BHCC door

            code, come in through the main doors, then enter the kitchen and on the left-

            hand side of the kitchen back door, behind the convection oven, is the gas

            ON/OFF switch. This must be turned on to get gas to the BBQ. (For Safety

            and Security purposes it is imperative that to REMEMBER TO TURN OFF

            THE GAS CONNECTION IN THE KITCHEN immediately after BBQ use). You

            can either bring in the cooked food through the Kitchen door to distribute from

            the Kitchen or unlock the Great Room double-doors to the outside (no key

            required). (For Safety and Security purposes it is imperative that you ENSURE


         ii. The resident is responsible for ensuring the BBQ is returned to the Lower

             Patio level, properly cleaned, reconnected to the gas line, covered and

             secured to the chain, immediately following the event.

        iii. Gas Line connections for either BBQ MUST be left in the OFF position after

             each use (whether used on the Upper or Lower Patio).

   e. A refundable Key Deposit of $10.00 is required for the resident to unlock the

       BBQ. The deposit will be returned after the event, upon receipt of the key. The

       resident should visit the Office a few days before the event to pay the rental fee

       and to pick up the key to unlock the chains on the BBQ(s). The RESIDENT MUST


       return it during office hours as soon as possible after the event, as someone else

       will need it.

Each month the Office will send a booking reservation report for BBQ requests to the President and the Maintenance Director. They (or designate) will ensure that the BBQ(s) have been properly cleaned and that gas lines have been turned off after each event.