1. Booking types:




     Phase Events

     Annual General Meetings

     Private Bookings, i.e. Anniversary and Birthday parties, etc.


2. Only Briar Hill Community residents are able to book facilities for themselves,

     and on behalf of Briar Hill Groups, Phases or Organizations.


3. Bookings are to be for Briar Hill Community related Activities, community

    Events and private Events.


4. Any residents wishing to book Activities and/or Events or private bookings

    (see Section 11) are required to check the calendar via the website at 

​    https://www.bhccontheweb.com/calendar to avoid scheduling conflicts and

    choose available times, prior to submitting their booking request to the Office

    or contact the Office during office hours to check scheduling and obtain a

    booking form. Booking requests are reviewed on a regular basis by the Office

    Staff and if necessary due to potential conflicts, the Board Program Director.

    Consideration will be given on a first-come basis along with ensuring fairness

    to all Activities being able to share facility space. No booking will be

    considered for more than one year in advance.


5. Booking requests may be pre-empted by the Office Staff and the Board for

    Community priorities and/or balancing requirements. All efforts will be made

    to relocate the Activity to another room if suitable space is available.

        i. Accredited Nottawasaga Golf Leagues (NMGA, NLGA, LDGA)

           Nottawasaga accredited golf leagues are required to set dates annually, 

           (i.e. opening luncheon and closing meetings), given these Events have

           scheduled start and finish dates. These Events require the use of the 

           kitchen and thus have minimal possibility to be held elsewhere in the

           Centre. In order to be able to accommodate these dates, they need to be

           provided to the Office Staff no later than the end of November for 

           bookings for the upcoming calendar year, in order to ensure that such

           dates can be held.

           In the event they are not provided by the end of November the leagues 

           will be required to ensure any required dates are available before

           requesting a booking.

​        ii. Golf Social Events (Non-League)

           The organizer of the Event should check the calendar availability and  

           clarify with Office Staff to ensure the date(s) required can be

           accommodated before putting in the request form.

6. The BHCC facility is to be returned to a “Ready State” (see Diagram and

     Checklist on Wall for “Ready State”) after its use by the booking resident(s).

     The booking resident(s) are responsible for any unusual damages, extra

     cleaning costs and/or maintenance if required. “Unusual” means damage that

     would not happen in the day-to-day use of the Centre.


7. Food and non-alcoholic beverages may be provided on a cost recovery basis.


8. NO SELLING of alcoholic beverages is permitted.


9. Booking for individuals or groups from outside the Briar Hill Community is

    NOT permitted.

       10. The Board may approve a unique request, but such approval will not be

     considered as establishing any precedent.


       11. The Board has the right to refuse any booking request and/or require

    additional conditions.


     Bookings must use the space booked. For example, if only the Great Room is 

     booked then use of the East Room is NOT permitted.