a.   First priority is to be given to Briar Hill residents for all Activities and Events.


b.   A reasonable time period is to be given to Briar Hill residents for taking part

      in Activities and Events before opening up to Green Briar residents.


c.   Green Briar residents can be offered access by a resident or the Office the 

       BHCC Activities and Events without being sponsored or having guest   



d.   Briar Hill residents may have guest(s) attend an Event or Activity if space

      allows.  Availability will differ for each Activity or Event depending on its

      popularity. At the start of a new season, Briar Hill residents take priority.


e.   Access to non-Briar Hill or non-Green Briar residents is not allowed other

      than as a guest of a resident if space allows. Non-residents can attend as a

      guest if space allows.


f.   Each Activity and Event is to be sponsored and coordinated by a Briar Hill

     Community resident(s) or Briar Hill Coordinating Committee.

g.   Activities and Event bookings for BHCC areas follow the BHCC General

      Booking Policy.

h.   Each BHCC Event selling tickets to the community at large is required to

      provide a budget to the BHCC Treasurer (via the Office or direct) prior to

      their event and at the end of the event, to provide a final financial statement

      to the Board Program Director and/or Board Treasurer. The required form

      (Financial Worksheet for Social Events – form # BHCC 2005-003 Financial

      Worksheet) is available on the BHCC website or from the Office Staff.

i.   No Activity or Event is to provide any gain to any person or business other

     than is normal and reasonable for services provided. (See Outside Resource



j.   The facilities of the Centre are to be respected and returned to their “Ready

     State” (see Diagram on Wall for “Ready State”) after each Activity and Event.


k.   The Board reserves the right to approve each Activity and Event to ensure

      they are conducted in the best interests of the whole community.