a.  Ticket distribution/sales are to be conducted in a fair manner to all Briar Hill


b.  Advanced advertisement of sales to the Community should be made at least

      three (3) weeks in advance of the sale start date (earlier if possible).

      Tickets are to be offered to Briar Hill residents and their guests first for a

      minimum period of three (3) selling dates, one of which must be in the am,

      one in the pm and one in the evening (unless event is full after any of the

      previous selling dates).


      A clearly worded statement is to be included in the initial advertisements and        communications indicating when sales would be available for Green Briar            residents and guests. The statement is to be worded to not cause                        misunderstanding.


c.  Ticket sales for Events co-sponsored by Briar Hill and Green Briar residents

      will follow 10.b except tickets will be sold to Briar Hill and Green Briar

      residents at the same time.


d.  Ticket pricing must be calculated on a ‘BREAK EVEN’ basis and is to be

      determined by estimating ticket sales and expenses from past event

      successes which will ensure a ‘break even’ point. Attempt should be made

      to have revenue in excess of break-even which will form a contribution to

      the Centre (see 4.c).


e.  Priority is to be given to Briar Hill residents for all Activities and Events.

      Volume ticket purchases are to be limited to ensure the broadest availability

      to residents. Maximum volume sale is a quantity of four (4) per household.

      The number of tickets allowed to any one household is set to ensure the

      broadest access to all Briar Hill residents.


      Ticket sale dates are to include time when tickets will be on sale. Ticket

      sales must not commence prior to the scheduled start time to ensure

      fairness for all residents to obtain tickets.


      Maximum of twenty (20) tickets may be pre-sold only to the Organizing

      Committee and to persons participating in the organization and running of  

      the event (not to exceed the 20 tickets/household maximum).


f.  Volunteer Participation in Events:

     There may be Events where volunteers are not able to fully participate in the

     event due to performance of their duties. Coordinators may, with preapproval

     by the BHCC Board, provide discounted or free tickets to a minimum number

     of volunteers. These costs must be identified to the Board as soon as known

     and be accounted for in the final report for the event.