Flavio Brocca

Flavio was born in San Quirino, a small town in the Friuli region of Italy. He was educated at a college in Cividale del Friuli, a beautiful city dating back to the time of Attila the Hun, surrounded by chestnut woods, pine forests, and mountains.  


From his very early years, Flavio showed a love for drawing. He completed three years of technical school and then to help support his family he got a job in a foundry. He served an apprenticeship as an electrician until 1956. At the age of eighteen, he decided to emigrate to Canada.


Even the land of opportunity proved to be harsh in the Fifties. With language being a barrier, job opportunities were very limited and like many other emigrants, he ended up working in construction. Determined to pursue his first love, he took a three-year course in technical illustration at Bathurst Heights Collegiate. This led to a position with Douglas Aircraft as a technical illustrator. He credits his time with Douglas as the major influence on the amount of detail he puts into each of his paintings. 


Throughout his career as a graphic artist, he has continued to paint and improve his skills by studying the works of the Old Masters. Working in a studio environment, he paints from photographs that he has taken or internet subjects. He finds the subjects he paints give him an enormous sense of gratification. They are often a reminder of the past when poverty was overwhelmed by the beauty that we have learned to cherish and preserve. 


While working as a graphic artist at the Ministry of Transportation, Flavio designed the famous buckle-up seat belt sign and won several art awards. He exhibited at Laurier Gallery Toronto, Galleria Adonis, Columbus Centre, Montgomery Inn, Golden Age Academy Neilson Park Creative Centre, Franklin Carmichael Art Centre, and Mackay House Unionville.


If you would like to contact Flavio, his telephone number is 705 250 1025 or e-mail: fbrocca@rogers.com

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