Briar Hill Community Centre is hereinafter referred to as “BHCC”.

Briar Hill Residential Servicing Organization is hereinafter referred to as “BHRSO”. Residents are current owners, partners and occupants of each condominium unit in Briar Hill.

Each condominium unit is grouped into a Phase of a number of units which form their condominium corporation.

Two residents are appointed as Associates by the Condominium Board of each Phase for a two-year term forming the Briar Hill Council.

Briar Hill Community Centre Board of Directors hereinafter referred to as the “Board” is elected by the Briar Hill Council at the Annual General Meeting. Between elections, a vacancy can be filled by the Board of Directors appointing a suitable volunteer from the community.

Co-ordinators are residents who assume the responsibility of leading an Event or Activity.

“Ready State” means cleaned-up and ready for the next Activity/Event. (see Diagram on Wall and Checklist for “Ready State”).

An Activity is a program organized by the Board or a resident such as cards, fitness classes, shuffleboard, etc. Activities often involve repetitive booking dates, i.e. monthly, weekly, etc.

An Event is an occasion such as a dinner dance, concert, etc. organized by a resident or the BHCC Social Committee on behalf of all residents.

A Private Event is organized and sponsored by a resident in accordance with the Private Booking Policy set out in this document.