The Briar Hill Community Centre Corporation (BHCC) leases the Centre on behalf of Briar Hill residents from the Briar Hill Residential Servicing Organization (BHRSO) for ninety-nine (99) years at a cost of $2.00 per year.

The Centre is managed by the BHCC Board of Directors (Board) in accordance with the lease, by-laws, Laws of Ontario and the policies set out herein for the enjoyment of all residents, bringing residents and their guests together in a social environment to share like interests.

The Board develops and oversees the policies and procedures of the Centre to ensure the safe, fair and balanced use of the Centre.

This Policy Reference Document has been developed in accordance with the BHCC/BHRSO Lease Agreement.

The success of the Centre is dependent on all users sharing in its operation and ensuring the Centre is left after every Drop-In, Activity or Event in a “Ready State” for the next user.

When Briar Hill residents do not have the skills or expertise to lead and or educate residents in their Activities and/or Events, outside resources may be arranged, and appropriate compensation may be made.

Briar Hill Community Centre bookings of Activities, Events, Phase Gatherings, etc. may be made by Briar Hill residents as defined in this document as long as they adhere to the requirements and procedures laid out in this and all other related policies and rules of the BHCC.

The Centre facilities will be used in a manner that optimizes opportunities for as many Events/Activities as possible throughout the day. Set-up and clean-up time must also be considered.

Guests are welcome at the BHCC but must be accompanied by the inviting resident at all times.