Meet You In The Lounge!

The BHCC lounge is home to a fine collection of books, puzzles, DVDs and a drop-in place for small groups to chat, play chess or watch their favourite sport on TV. The thought of hosting hour-long talks there on a variety of subjects was certainly a great idea. Roger Setka, Peter Krol, Adele Priest, Garry Lewis, Wenda McEachern, and Pat Baker have put together an outstanding array of speakers to attract the varying interests of our residents. 


Speakers to date have given talks on the topics: Container Gardening; The Future of Libraries; Environmental Services; The Future of Marijuana in Canada; and The Stevenson Memorial Hospital, to name a few. In all cases, the speakers and topics have been interesting, informative, and entertaining! 

Due to the fact that the size of the room limits the number of residents to thirty-five, sign-up sheets are placed in the lounge on the bar for those interested in signing up for one or all of the upcoming talks. If the demand becomes far greater than the lounge can accommodate, plans have been made to move to a larger room.  


The list of proposed topics is impressive… Nurse Next Door, Hearing Loss, Dental Health, Mental Health, Prosthetics, Organ Transplants, and Mobility as we age, including electric scooters, bikes, wheelchairs, etc., Neuroscience, Estate Planning, From Penny Stocks to Cryptocurrencies, Interior decorating—do's and don'ts, Clothing Design, and Fashion Tips… and this is only a short list of topics being considered.  


While creating a speakers forum was originally conceived as the great way to make the lounge a destination for residents, the plan has grown to include entertainment such as small groups enjoying  an evening of piano and guitar with beer and wine, Country (guitar and vocals) with pizza and beer, a Clarinet virtuoso with wine and cheese, the classics such as Harp and Cello with red wine and chocolate cake, an evening of Let's Talk Music - from Gregorian chants to the Classics to Hillbilly to Jazz to Rap. 

The ideas keep coming. Let's hope they never stop.! I know I'll be attending several so meet me in the Lounge! 


Sign up for one or more of the current list of topics above and I'll see you in the Lounge!


- Bryan Mills