BHCC COVID-19 safety plan

Business name: Briar Hill Community Centre Corporation

Date completed: Aug. 10, 2021

Revision date: November 1, 2021

Highlighted Sections are most recent changes

Entry to Building

Entry is restricted to fully Vaccinated individuals and those with Written Exemptions from their Physicians

  • Entry shall be limited to those attending:

  • scheduled events or activities

  • for business purposes during office hours or

  • for the purpose of dropping off or picking up Library books.

  • Unscheduled Drop-in activity is not permitted at any time.

  • Briar Hill Residents must access the Centre using their FOBs.


 Proof of Vaccination (POV) Screening

  • Coordinators for scheduled activities shall view Proof of Vaccination (POV) and IDs of all entrants, except Library Patrons.

  • Library Patrons will not require POV but they can stay in the Centre only long enough to drop off and select new books.

  • Visitors to the Office must provide POV and ID to the staff.

  • As per Government Regulations, no record of Proof of Vaccination will be kept. 

  • Everyone except Library Patrons must show POV on EVERY visit.

Screening for COVID-19 and Contact Tracing

  • All Residents must use their fob to enter the building for Contact Tracing Purposes.

  • Residents must sign in all Guests (Maximum of 2 per Resident) in Guest Log in Sheets placed on South side of Vestibule.

  • Guests must provide their phone number for Contact Tracing Purposes.

  • Guests must provide Proof of Vaccination and ID.


  • They must add their name and phone number to  the Volunteer Activity Screening Log- In sheets for their activity and initial verifying they have screened themselves.

  • The Staff and Volunteer Activity Screening Log-In Sheet will be placed just outside the Office on the South side of the Lobby.

  • The Staff and Volunteer Log-in sheets will be kept by Briar Hill Community Centre administration for a 1-month cycle.


  • All participants will actively screen themselves using the COVID-19 Screening Tool for Businesses Version 8 – July 16, 2021, before entering the centre.

  • Coordinators will have Activity Screening Log-In Sheets near the entrance to the Great Room, the Lounge or near the elevator on the Lower Level.

  • All participants must add their name and phone number to the Activity Screening Log In sheets for their activity and initial verifying they have screened themselves.

  • Coordinators will turn in their Login Sheets at the office after the activity.

  •  The Log in Sheets will be kept by Briar Hill Community Centre for a 1-month cycle.



  • Signs will be posted at each entrance with information on passively screening oneself for COVID-19 before entering the centre.


  • Masks must be worn at all times except as noted below.

  • Masks can only be removed during periods of Physical activity in the following activities: Care First, Yoga, Pilates, Line Dancing, Dance Fit, Table Tennis.

  • Masks  must be replaced after the Physical activity and  worn to leave the building.

  • Masks available for purchase in Vestibule.


Ensuring worker safety

  • Staff (Louise/ Pilar) to review Simcoe Muskoka Department of Health website weekly for updates.

  • Changes / concerns will be forwarded to the Board.

  • This safety plan will be posted on Bulletin Board on both Levels to ensure easy reference for volunteers and members at any time.

  • Signs will be posted at each entrance and in every room reminding members masks are required to be worn and to maintain physical distance of 2 metres from one another.

Controlling the risk of transmission

Physical distancing and separation

  • Taping to delineate safe distancing within office.

  • Limits on participants to ensure safe distance for physical activity.

  • Signs are posted reminding members to maintain a physical distance of 2m from one another.


  • Sanitizer Stations at Entrance.

  • Sanitizer available in office for both employees.

  • Sanitizing wipes for each desk area.

  • Office staff to wipe down their areas at start and end of shift (desk, computer, phone, file cabinet, copier, light switches and door handles.

  • Washrooms equipped with sanitizing wipes for public. Signage to remind people  to wipe down before / after use.

  • Washroom deep clean done nightly.

  • Elevator, stair ways, door handles wiped / sprayed nightly.

  • Kitchen Area to remain closed.


  • Activities scheduled to maximize time interval before next use of space.

  • Sanitizing wipes to be available in all rooms for participants to wipe their area before and after use.

Potential case, or suspected exposure to, COVID-19

  • Notify Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit 705-721-7520 and follow direction given. Provide copy of Log In Sheets and Fob Access Information for tracing Purposes.

  • This fact sheet will be posted on Bulletin Board on both levels.

Risk Management

  • Signage in all Rooms with Covid information.

  • Room signage re occupancy for specified activities.

  • Great Room Occupancy determined to be 345 by the Fire Department.

  • Covid Limits as of Nov. 1, 2021:  

  • Great Room           Meeting                        =100

  • Great Room           Physical activity             = 50

  • East Room                                                 = 50

  • Lounge                                                      = 30

    • Lower Level                                          =100

  • Elevator (3) / washroom (2)

  • Activity Limitations as of Nov. 1, 2021:

  • Card and Board Games ARE permitted as scheduled activities.

  • Personal non-alcoholic beverages may be brought to the Centre.


For AGMs, the President must designate an Activity Coordinator for their meeting.

The Coordinator must fully understand what is required to be done at the meeting.


 Activity Coordinators will:

  • Inspect all participants for Proof of Vaccination (POV) and ID on EVERY visit.   (No records will be kept as per Government Regulations).

  • Ensure Active Screening Log in Sheets are filled out by ALL participants.

  • Turn in Login Sheets to the Office after the Activity.

  • Coordinators will ensure that participants sanitize tables and chairs after their Activity.

  • Coordinators to wipe light switches / door handles after activity.

  • Coordinators will report any concerns/ issues to office staff.


Plan Follow-Up

  •  All aspects of the plan will be reviewed at monthly BHCC Board of Directors Meeting.

  • A summary of feedback and concerns will be provided to the monthly Board meeting by office managers. 




Unscheduled Drop in activities are not permitted.

Covid Policies and Updates will be Included in Briar Hill eNEWS.

Safety Plan will be shared with Activity Coordinators and Volunteers and posted on the BHCC website.