Office Managers:   Louise Galinauskas and Lynda Keffer

  • meet, greet and assist residents and visitors 

  • manage the office affairs for the BHCC 

  • compile, publish and distribute communications

  • maintain BHCC records

  • manage bookings for the Centre

  • administer various operating procedures 


  The Social Committee 

  • is a group of volunteers who organize and carry out various operations such as

       social events at the Community Centre, e.g. Dances, Pub Night, Beach Party,          Yuk Yuk's.


 Seasonal Decorator, Linda Sachdev 

  • looks after decorating the Lobby and throughout as seasons change and on special days, e.g. Canada Day, Halloween, Easter, Christmas 

  • keeps the decorations in the lower level storage area organized


 Librarian, Lorrie Thorn:

  • organizes the Library and ensures fresh titles are available for residents.