The Concert Team has come together in order to: 

provide a variety of quality acts at an affordable price;  

present for engaging acts between May and the end of Sept.;

ensure the continuance of the Concert Series by mentoring others to enable them to become the next Concert Team.


The Concert Series is a not-for-profit organization; 

run by a team of volunteers;

fully-funded by Patrons via their series subscriptions;

receives no money from BHCC to run the series.




The concert team is very appreciative of our patrons whose confidence, faith and support enable us to bring the best affordable Acts to our Community Centre.


Our Ticket Pricing Policy offers reduced ticket prices for renewing Patrons and new patrons who purchase early before we have announced the Acts and support the need for advanced funding so we can book acts knowing the funds are already in place.


Patrons get first chance to buy tickets when the next year's Concert Series tickets go on sale in September. They also have the opportunity to change their seats.


Patrons and others who buy the Concert Series (all 4 concerts) before January buy at the lowest price of all, $90. Then once we announce that all 4 Acts have been booked, the prices go up to $95. for all 4 concerts.


Single Concert Tickets then go on sale for $30 a ticket.

See our Ticket prices go up, up, up!SAVE!  BUY EARLY! 

Single Concert Tickets go on sale $30 ea

Series Tickets $95/$23.75 ea

Series Tickets before the

Acts are announced in January. $90 / $22.50 ea


Two weeks before the 1st concert Act are Announced Concert Series tickets go on sale first to Patrons.

(those who bought the series before Jan 1.)

Thanks to our Patrons, the concert series has been selling out by the end of September so we suggest that you call Myrna in July to get on the waitlist early!

Come and Enjoy Concerts with Friends!